Cadpilot Website Updates

June 10, 2018 – MoreCompetency Inc updates

We are sure you noticed. We released a new and improved version of the cadpilot website.

Fear not! Our regular site visitors and customers shouldn’t have much difficulty adjusting to the improved site design and navigation.

We tested the new website setup in recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. If you experience issues, please let us know.

Cadpilot Website Updates

The new website includes support for the latest Bootstrap 4.1.1 build and features much improved mobile user support and performance.

All of the site tools and backend apps were upgraded. The application of them were tweaked to improve both the tool performance and ease of use.

We significantly improved the ability to navigate the site’s large collections of blog, video, and news posts. Search results navigation is also much better and quicker.

If you Register and login, the Members section now also includes improved navigation for the large collection of curated in-depth and in-detail Framework for Civil 3D help pages.