Civil 3D 2019.1 Update Released

Aug 15, 2018 – Autodesk releases the Autodesk Civil 3D 2019.1 Update

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The Civil 3D 2019.1 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.

The update includes previous relevant Hot Fixes. This Civil 3D 2019.1 Update requires that you have installed the AutoCAD 2019.1 Update released previously. The update install requires access to the original install resources.

Civil 3D 2019.1

The new Civil 3D 2019.1 features list can be viewed on the Civil 3D 2019.1 Help - What’s New page

Read the Civil 3D 2019.1 Update Readme here.

New Civil 3D 2019.1 Features

Performance Enhancements

Referencing Sample Lines Across Drawings

Data shortcut support for sample line groups. You can create a shortcut to a sample line group, and then create a reference to the full group or a subset of the group.

Design Enhancements

Profile - Floating Tangent by Fixed Grade

Create a floating vertical tangent that is defined by a fixed grade. Available on the Profile Layout Tools toolbar.

Best Fit Enhancements

  • Alignments with non-clothoid spiral types.
  • Profile Draw Options:
    • Always above EG
    • Allow above and below EG

Rehab Report Enhancements

New sample rehab report formats that include material leveling area.

Pipe Network Structures with Multiple Connection Points

Users can snap a pipe to a pipe connection point on a structure. The pipe will stay connected when moving or rotating the structure.

During layout, pipes will snap to either the structure:

  • Insertion point
  • Default connection point
  • Nearest connection point

Rail Design Enhancements

Rail Ribbon Tab

Railway-specific tools are available on the new Rail ribbon tab.

Rail Subassembly Content

New rail-specific subassemblies. All are available from the New Rail tab on the Autodesk Civil 3D Subassemblies tool palette.
To install the New Rail tab, click Rail tab > Content panel > Subassemblies.

Rail Offset Alignment Cant Support

Create offset alignments from a Rail alignment.

Calculate cant on the offset alignments.

LandXML and Interoperability Enhancements

LandXML Import/Export now supports:

  • Rail alignments with cant calculations
  • LandXML Settings configuration for Surface breaklines as either Feature Lines or 3D polylines
  • Property Set data on surfaces and breaklines

Publishing an Autodesk Civil 3D Surface for Consumption in Revit

Publish one or more Autodesk Civil 3D TIN surfaces to Autodesk BIM 360 Document Management so that a Autodesk Revit user can link to it.

Property Set Enhancements

Property set support for Autodesk AutoCAD objects (including solids exported from corridors).

Geolocation support in derivative data.

Civil 3D 2019.1 Update Resolved Issues


  • An issue where curves are spirals are not imported as expected from InfraWorks has been resolved.
  • There is now a Rate of Change of Cross Slope (%) value that can be set in the Superelevation Options.
  • When exporting an alignment containing an arc to IMX format, the arc now imports into InfraWorks as expected.


  • Using API to explode COGO points now works as expected.

Cross Sections

  • The ability to add a sample line to a referenced sample line group has been removed.
  • The ability to edit the geometry of a sample line in a referenced sample line group has been removed.
  • Sample line groups no longer display a broken reference icon when reopening the drawing.
  • When promoting a parent alignment, the associated referenced sample line group will now be promoted as expected.
  • After deleting a section view, the sampled sources are no longer missing from the Section Display Option tab.
  • After deleting an alignment data shortcut, the associated sample line group data shortcut is now removed.
  • An issue with the display of sampled objects when creating a single section view has been resolved.

Data Shortcuts

  • Performance when setting the working folder to a project with a large number of data shortcuts has been improved.
  • An issue that caused an unexpected notification of an out of date view frame group has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused Autodesk Civil 3D to close unexpectedly when cutting and pasting an alignment that is a data shortcut has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused and unexpected notification of an out-of-date pipe network has been resolved.
  • An unlocalized string of text displayed in the Manage Referenced Settings dialog box has been resolved.
  • An issue where it was not possible to create references to additional sample lines in a previously referenced sample line group has been resolved.

Pipe Networks and Pressure Networks

  • An issue where pipes were sized incorrectly when imported from InfraWorks has been resolved.
  • An issue with importing a STM file that resulted in an incorrect sump depth in structures has been resolved.
  • An issue where some pipe network structures display improperly in profile view has been resolved.
  • The centerline of a pipe network is now retained after using the explode command.
  • An issue that caused Autodesk Civil 3D to close unexpectedly when using the Export to DWG command in some drawings that contained a pipe network has been resolved.


  • Additional display options for the display of block references have been added to Profile view.
  • Pipes with flared end sections that are displayed as a boundary now display as expected in profile view.
  • Horizontal geometry labels now display tangent labels as expected.

Reference Template

  • When referencing a template that contains pipe rules, the rules will no longer automatically be applied to existing pipe networks in the drawing.


  • The stability of the Export Project Summary report has been improved.

Shared View

  • An issue that caused an unexpected error when using the shared view command when Autodesk Civil 3D is side by side with Autodesk AutoCAD has been resolved.


  • When exploding a surface, the surface boundary is now a closed 3D polyline.

Autodesk Vault

  • An issue that cause a drawing in Autodesk Vault to be renamed when checked in has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused a duplicate profile to be created under an alignment has been resolved.
  • An issue that prevented creating a reference to a corridor in some cases has been resolved.
  • An issue where the Autodesk AutoCAD drawing check-in dialog box is displayed instead of the Autodesk Civil 3D check-in dialog box when using the command from the ribbon has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused Autodesk Civil 3D to close unexpectedly when starting a new drawing from the Autodesk Vault ribbon has been resolved.

Known Issue

There is a known issue where the Publish Surfaces command fails to upload the published surface to BIM 360. This happens when the source surface uses a render material that is external to the source drawing. To resolve this issue, either:

  • Use a render material that is contained in the source drawing (ByLayer and ByBlock work), or
  • Add the render material to the source drawing.