Civil 3D IFC 4-3 Extension Updates

Mar 3, 2024 – Autodesk released new IFC 4.3 Extension Updates for Autodesk Civil 3D 2024, Civil 3D 2023, and Civil 3D 2022

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The IFC 4.3 Extension Update 1 for Civil 3D 2024, IFC Extension Civil 3D 2023 Update 2, and Civil 3D 2022 Update 3 are available via Autodesk Access and the Autodesk Subscription website.

For more information on IFC, please visit the buildingSMART website.

The official release date for the IFC 4.3 Extension and IFC Extension Updates was Feb 29, 2024.

The IFC 4.3 Extensions install does make changes to the default Civil 3D menu and Ribbons.
If you employ custom versions of the same, remember to back them up prior to the install.

IFC 4.3 Extensions for Civil 3D and Updates

The IFC 4.3 Extension for Autodesk Civil 3D provides commands for importing and exporting IFC files in Civil 3D drawings

Feature Enhancements

  • Added support for IFC4x3_ADD2 schema.
  • Added the ability to export an alignment to a tessellated polyline approximation.
  • Added the optional ability to export of station labels to IfcReferent.
  • Added support for exporting alignment section / sample lines.
  • Added the ability to import CANT where the pivot point is on upper or lower rail.
  • Added a warning for when AECPSDAUTOATTACH is active.
  • Added better support for handling AECPSDAUTOATTACH to prevent properties from being propagated to other objects.
  • Added default values for importing numeric properties.
  • Added support for exporting AutoCAD surfaces, surface by extrusion, and body objects.
  • Added an import option to prevent IFC properties being converted to extended property sets.
  • Added support for re-importing workflows.
  • Added support for IFC properties to Civil 3D property sets.
  • Added support for the mapping of Bridge elements and Corridor Baseline Regions.
  • Add support for exporting alignments that contain spirals that IFC does not support.
    This provides improved output when Civil 3D alignments have spirals not supported by IFC.
    It's not quite the equivalent output. It is an IfcAnnotation rather than an IfcAlignment. The alignment curve (2D and profile 3D) is tessellated at meter or foot intervals. This will still improve geometric reliability in displaying all alignments, without missing segments.
  • Changed the default export format to the IFC4x3_ADD2 schema.
  • Added support for Civil 3D PayItem Export.
  • Added support for SubDMesh export.
  • Added support for exporting 3D representation of Alignments
  • Added a major update to exported parameters for corridors.
    • For exported shapes equivalent properties were added to the property sets users get when creating the corridor solids from the corridor.
    • Added similar properties to the solids, to exported point code feature lines and link code surfaces.
    • Added support to export property sets attached to the assemblies used by the baseline region to its spatial structure element.
    • Added support to export property sets attached to sub-assemblies used by the baseline region to its spatial structure element.
    • Added support for a CSV file to define IFC attributes and parameters in extracted corridor elements.

Fixed Issues

  • See the help file readme for the release

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