Feb 2020 Help and Training Updates

Feb 28, 2020 - MoreCompetency Inc releases the monthly summary of videos, help, and training updates to the Cadpilot website

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Feb 2020 Website Help and Training Updates

General Notes for the Month

  • Released the Civil 3D Codes AddOn
  • Updates to the Release 8 Details page
  • Updates to the Release 7 Details page
  • Added new Connector Help sections to the Autodesk Online Help page
  • Added appropriate links to the free Autodesk Civil 3D Certification Courseware
  • Added appropriate links to the Autodesk University 2019 Online pages
  • Updates to time and duration data in hosted videos after 5/1/2019 - more updates are ongoing
  • Minor Website engine updates

Documentation and Help – requires Registration and Login

The Latest Help page in the Members sections lists all recently updated Documentation and Help

  • Updates to the Civil 3D Codes Tool page
  • Updates to the Description Key Set Tool page
  • Updates to the Figure Prefix Db Tool page
  • Updates to the Corridors in Civil 3D page
  • Updates to the Survey Code Fundamentals page
  • Updates to the Points in Civil 3D page
  • Updates to the How to See and Get More in Civil 3D page

Cadpilot Video Training – some pages may require login.

Do you want to always stay up to speed with the recent CadPilot Civil training video posts?
There are by category lists for all video posts from the Video Archive page

Civil Training on the Web – no login required

  • Added new videos to the BIM 360 Tools section
    Collaboration for Civil 3D Playlist
  • Added a new videos to the Infraworks section
    Extend Schema Tool Use in Infraworks 2020
  • Added new videos to the Civil 3D Basics section
    Surface Data Clips in Civil 3D
  • Added new videos to the Dynamo for Civil 3D section
    Dynamo Creates Civil 3D Points and Surfaces
  • Added new videos to the New in Civil 3D 2020 section
    Top 5 Data Questions between Autodesk and ESRI
  • Added new videos to the Tips from Experts section
    Three Quick Steps Cul de Sac Corridors

There are Latest links on the Members page and Civil Training on the Web and collection section pages to help you locate the updates and additions.

Civil 3D Dependency and References Posts

Civil 3D Object Model Nuances

  • Answers the most important Civil 3D User questions about How, When and Why for the many references we employ in Civil 3D

Manage Civil 3D Dependencies

  • Let's address what we can and need to do about all those references and dependencies we employ in Civil 3D

The New Civil 3D Directions Posts

Flexible Civil 3D Corridor Labels

  • The Annotation of Civil 3D Design Grading Corridors and Feature Lines is Different and not Difficult

Codes Meaning Matters in Civil 3D

  • The Codes we employ must mean something. Codes and Keys that relate directly to recognized Standards are easier for everyone.

Better Civil 3D Codes to Cry For

  • A new and updated Civil 3D Codes Spreadsheet Tool delivers lots more Codes and more functionality to integrate Civil 3D points

Civil 3D Description Key Set Simplicity

  • The first three essential Description Key Sets you might not know to create

Civil 3D Codes, Not Tools, and Tuples

  • The vital relationship of ordered lists (tuples) in Civil 3D and their effects on Survey and Design mechanics

A New AEC Partner - What to do First

  • Why the AutoCAD resources in our Civil 3D customizations matter and the important tool we use to find them

The Arts of the Separation of Powers in Civil 3D

  • The principal of good governance applies to our Civil 3D Projects and our people

Civil 3D Templates and The Tuple

  • An ordered list of ordered lists assembled from an ordered structure of resources... seems to say it all

Multiple Civil 3D Description Key Sets

  • A new look and direction for our old friend the Description Key Set


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The Release 7 Details are listed in complete detail and were updated with AddOn info and links.

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