Framework Layer Standards Update Released

Apr 15, 2017 – MoreCompetency Inc releases a Layer Standards Update for Framework Release 7 Civil 3D 2017-2015 products

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Framework Layer Standards Update

The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D includes an array of Layer Standards resources files for both STB and CTB implementations. These already include support for NCS and GSA compliant Layer resources and include a productive set of built-in Layer States.
Additional Layer Standards resources are supplied for use in AutoCAD Civil 3D and other AutoCAD based software. They additionally include:

  • Detailed City, County, Township, and Parish CAD Layer Standards with Layer State support
  • Separate Site Grading and Infrastructure Structures CAD Layer Standards with Layer State support

We released a complete new set of Layer Standards (.dws) file for all Release 7 supported releases of AutoCAD based software:

  • Release 7 2017
  • Release 7 2016
  • Release 7 2015

The new Framework for Civil 3D Layer Standards Update is available for free from the respective product download pages for all Release 7 InstantOn and Jump Kit 2017-2015 customers.

The Spreadsheet Tools documentation of both STB and CTB Layer Standards and Layer States has been updated to reflect all the included updates and new capabilities.

This Layer Standards Update replaces the previous Layer Standards AddOn released in Sept 2016. That AddOn only included new Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools to support Linetype assignment and linetype only script generation.