Infrastructure Modeler Plugin 2021.2

Apr 22, 2021 – Autodesk released the Autodesk Inventor Infrastructure Modeler Plugin 2021.2

The Inventor Infrastructure Modeler Plugin 2021.2 is available via the Autodesk Desktop Connector app or via download from the Autodesk subscription site. The update requires access to the original install resources.

This update syncs functionality with the Inventor Infrastructure Modeler Plugin 2022.

Autodesk Inventor Infrastructure Modeler Plugin 2021.2

This plugin for Inventor is required in order to create parametric bridge and tunnel components, parametric drainage part catalogs, or parametric road decorations for use in Autodesk InfraWorks.

This plugin adds Infrastructure Part Shape Utilities tools to Autodesk Inventor. Use these tools to create and modify custom parametric shape templates, parts, and assemblies that can be used for drainage, piping, and civil structure design in Autodesk InfraWorks.

There were no new listings in the Infraworks help of the new Features and Fixes as of this posting.

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