Infraworks 2018 Update 1 Released

July 19, 2017 – Autodesk releases Autodesk Infraworks 2018.1

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The Infraworks 2018.1 update is only available via the Autodesk Desktop app.
After the Infraworks 2018.1 install is complete the Infrastructure Parts Editor Extension will also be available for install.
Note that extension is also an upgrade/update to the Civil 3D 2018 Parts Editor.

The overview webinar recording of latest Infraworks improvements can be found here.

The link to the Read me.

InfraWorks 2018.1.0 (July 2017) Release

The following are known issues in 2018.1 from the help file readme page.

Infrastructure Parts Editor

  • If you add a new shape template in the Shapes tab for a part family, you must close and restart the Infrastructure Parts Editor to refresh your view of the new shape template field in the Shapes tab.
  • .IPT files for a parametric part must be associated with a param.xml and index.json file or they will not be supported by the Parts Editor. Additional files to include that are recommended but not required are the 200.jpg, and dim.jpg files that are exported from the InfraStructure Modeler plugin for Autodesk Inventor.

Infrastructure Modeler plugin for Autodesk Inventor

  • Parametric bridge assemblies created in Autodesk Inventor can be brought into the Autodesk InfraWorks Style Palette in .IAM format. However, the resulting parametric bridge component in the Parametric Models tab of the Style Palette will be treated as a single component in InfraWorks, rather than an assembly. Additionally, changing the materials for the component in the Stack will cause material volume quantity calculations to be reported inaccurately.

Bridge Line Girder Analysis

  • In the Bridge Line Girder Analysis service, roadway overhang for concrete sections with more than one web (such as box sections and non-symmetrical sections) is being calculated from the center of the girder, rather than the centerline of the exterior web.
  • If the dimensions of a girder have been changed and then an analysis is run the user will receive the following error: "Unable to generate a Bridge Analysis configuration. Please check the application log and then validate your bridge definition". To resolve, press F5 to regenerate the scene, then run the analysis again.
  • Material quantity calculations for .IAM format parametric assemblies in the Style Palette are not supported if a user changes the default materials for the component.

Point Cloud

  • If you change the storage location of your model after using the Point Cloud Terrain tool to process point cloud data, you may not be able to use the Point Cloud Modeling tool to assign features. The recommended workflow is to use the Point Cloud Modeling tool at least once after generating the terrain, before changing the location of model files.
  • If more than one feature is grouped as a single asset during use of the Point Cloud Modeling tool, dividing the feature to multiple assets is supported. However, any assets that are created as a result of dividing a feature, cannot be divided again.

Roadway Design

  • Corridor Optimization does not support terrain imported in .jp2, .mrsid, or .ecw file formats.
  • When a user opens the Corridor Optimization panel and adds a path or multiple paths for optimization, the Corridor Optimization panel will disable the ability to se lect other objects in the model. To resolve this, select "None" in the Path field, or close the Corridor Optimization panel.