Jan 2019 Help and Training Updates

Jan 31, 2019 - MoreCompetency Inc releases the monthly summary of videos, help, and training updates to the Cadpilot website

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Jan 2019 Website Help and Training Updates

General Notes for the Month

Documentation and Help – requires Registration and Login

  • Additions to the Implement Civil 3D section
  • Addition of a Site Design Corridors section to Corridors in Civil 3D section
  • Additions and Updates to Layer Standards section
    • Updates to Layer States page
    • Updates to Spreadsheet Tools>>Layer Standards for STB page
    • Updates to Spreadsheet Tools>>Layer Standards for CTB page
    • Updates to Layer Standards AddOns page

Cadpilot Video Training – some pages may require login.

Do you want to always stay up to speed with the recent CadPilot Civil training video posts?
There are now simple RSS feed links for all video posts on the Video Archive page

Civil Training on the Web – no login required

  • Added new video to the Civil 3D Survey section
    Add Degrees Minutes and Seconds Symbols to a Civil 3D Report
  • Added new videos to the Tips from Experts section
    Create 3D Block Markers on a Feature Line
  • Added new videos to the Civil 3D Basics section
    Create a Surface from Selected Objects, Civil 3D User Interface Essentials, Import and Purge Civil 3D Style Essentials
    Find and Replace Civil 3D Style Essentials
  • Added a new videos to the New in Civil 3D 2019 section
    Display Linear Crossing Objects in a Profile View

There are Latest links on the Members page and Civil Training on the Web and collection section pages to help you locate the updates and additions.

Back to the Civil 3D Fundamentals Post Series

Civil 3D Standards of Better or Worse

  • The fundamental problems of focused attention and Civil 3D customization. Why a framework is matters and is different.

The Functional Dynamics of Civil 3D

  • People talk about the Dynamic Model and Workflows. What do these mean practically in real-world Civil 3D projects.

The State of the Layer Manager in Civil 3D

  • Prefectly good standards tools waste our time in Civil 3D perhaps because we forget the need to create maps for our users. We ignore the other tools that do that.

To STB or CTB That Is the Question

  • Our habits fundamentally effect our productivity in ways that are hard to see. The STB or CTB war clearly demostrates the tradegy of human action and inaction.

Customize Civil 3D Endlessly and Reap the Benefits

  • The fundamental issues of Civil 3D customization and how specifically they relate to and effect the essential need for Naming conventions and rules.

The Framework for Civil 3D and Less Effort

  • How our perspective on our preferences can help us discover the critical path to better Civil 3D customization and implementation.

Site Design Corridors Post Series

The Keys to Site Design in Civil 3D

  • The practical matters and solutions for the latest Civil 3D Site Design Corridor Tools

New Civil 3D Keys to Limitless Site Design

  • Better Site Design Corridors, Feature Lines, and Multiple Baseline Corridors are Key centric


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