June 2018 Training and Help Updates

June 29, 2018 - MoreCompetency Inc releases the monthly summary of help and video training updates to the website

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June 2018 Website Training and Help Updates

General Notes for the Month

Release of Our New Website Design

  • Update to Bootstrap 4.1.1 and latest version of the Modx CMS engine
  • Redesign of site navigation
  • New webpage layouts with more mobile friendly links
  • Updates to video player, slideshow player, and image stretch HTML5 controls to latest versions
  • Security and Performance updates to the website engine

Documentation and Help – requires Registration and Login

  • Additions and Updates to Templates for Civil 3D section
  • Additions and Updates to Points in Civil 3D section
  • Updates for Layer Standards AddOns to Release 7 Details
  • Major Updates to Survey Codes, Description Keys, Figure Db, and Survey Queries Spreadsheet Tools help pages
    See the Spreadsheet Tools Help Updates News item post for details
  • Formatting and readability improvements to most Documentation and Help pages

Cadpilot Video Training – some pages require login.

  • Added to the Blog Posts training page
    Civil 3D Point Style Edits, Framework Symbol Set Resources, Framework Jump Kit Style Library

Civil Training on the Web – no login required

  • Added new videos to the AutoCAD Civil 3D Videos section
    Import an Infraworks Surface into Civil 3D
  • Added new videos to the Civil 3D Pipes section
    Infrastructure Parts Editor, Create Custom Drainage Parts
  • Added new video to theAutodesk Vehicle Tracking section
    Create Custom Vehicles
  • Added new videos to the Civil 3D Survey section
    Visualize UGS Point Data in Civil 3D, Surface Volumes From Point Clouds
  • Added new videos to the Infraworks section
    Import ReCap Aerial Images into Infraworks, Import ReCap Point Clouds into Infraworks,
    Visualize UGS Point Data in Infraworks,

There are Latest links on the Members page and Civil Training on the Web and collection section pages to help you locate the updates and additions.

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Release 7

The Release 7 Details are listed in complete detail and were updated with AddOn info and links.