LandXML 2.0 Draft

Jan 19, 2016 – announces a new draft of LandXML 2.0

LandXML 2.0 (Working Draft) Schema Announced

The LandXML 2.0 (Working Draft) Schema and 2.0 HTML (Working Draft) documentation are now available on the LandXML Schema Versions & Specifications page.

Work is underway on the LandXML 2.0 schema plan. The following major objectives are planned and, as always, all feedback is very welcome:

  • Update LandXML 2.0 schema based on current standards:
    XML 1.1, XML Schema 1.1, XML Namspaces 1.1 and xpath 2.0
  • Engage OGC and TransXML to improve adjacent standards interoperability for GIS
    and business process data flow
  • Incorporate 3D Road model improvements from worldwide input
  • Enhance 3D/volumetric parcel support
  • Enhance data model to better suite intelligent construction data flow
  • Add flexible road template definitions
  • Define a mimetype for compressed (zipped) LandXML files
  • Other additions/changes as needed