May 2023 Site Training and Help Updates

May 31, 2023 - MoreCompetency Inc releases the monthly summary of videos, help, and training updates to the Cadpilot website

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May 2023 Website Help and Training Updates

General Notes for the Month

Documentation and Help – requires Registration and Login

The Latest Help page in the Members sections lists all recently updated Documentation and Help
Additions and Updates to the:

  • Layer Standards AddOns page
  • Layer Standards Tools page
  • Layer Standards Tool page
  • CTB Layer Standards Tool page
  • Layer States page
  • Standard Keys for NCS 6 page
  • Identity and Color page
  • Corridor Station Label Annotation page
  • The Keys to Layer and Civil 3D Standards page
  • Style Maintenance Handbook page

Cadpilot Video Training – some pages may require login.

Do you want to always stay up to speed with the recent CadPilot Civil training video posts?
There are by category lists for all video posts from the Video Archive page

  • Added new videos to the Blog Posts section
    The Framework Miracle, Framework for Civil 3D Layer Standards Preview,
    Civil 3D Layer Standards Tools and Mechanics, Framework Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools
  • Updates to the InstantOn Layer Standards page

Civil Training on the Web – no login required

There are by category lists for all video posts from the Video Archive page

  • Added new videos to the Civil 3D Basics section
    AutoCAD Display Customization, AutoCAD Scaling Best Practices & Tips,
    Drawing and Civil 3D Project Setup Mechanics, Create Civil 3D Profiles and Profile Views
  • Added new videos to the Tips from Experts section
    Collaborate Civil 3D Content at Scale, Civil 3D Corridor Frequencies
  • Added new videos to the Innovyze InfoWorks section
    Interconnected Pond Modeling in InfoDrainage
  • Added new videos to the New in Civil 3D 2024 section
    Introduction to Autodesk Forma, Autodesk Forma and Revit 2024 Interoperability,
    ReCap Pro 2024 Feature Extraction, Civil 3D 2024 Subassembly Management, A Better Connector for ArcGIS

There are Latest links on the Members page and Civil Training on the Web and collection section pages to help you locate the updates and additions.


The 2024 Autodesk Release


Civil 3D Management


The Framework and Civil 3D

The New Civil 3D 2024 Framework Products

Spreadsheet Tools and Content for Civil 3D

Civil 3D Layer Standards and the Framework

Framework for Civil 3D 2024 Preview

Jump Kit for Civil 3D

Templates Only for Civil 3D


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Release 8

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