Navisworks Manage 2017 Update

Sept 19, 2016 - Autodesk releases an Update for Navisworks Manage 2017

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This new Navisworks Manage Update may not show up in the Autodesk Desktop App.
No Install readme could be found. Documentation is a PDF available with the download.

Navisworks Manage 2017 Update

The Update Includes:

IFC File Reader

A new file reader for IFC files that improves performance. The new reader is not enabled by default.
If users wish to take advantage of this, then they should enable it. 
This is located in Options > File Readers > IFC.
At the bottom of the menu, users can select to use the Revit_IFC reader.
This option is not selected by default for this update, to prevent disruption of any existing workflows while it is not default behavior. 

The file reader makes use of Revit IFC technology, and  fixes many known issues:

  • Resolved an issue where geometry exported via IFC from Tekla is missing.
  • Resolved an IFC Sectioning issue.
  • Resolved an issue where IFC walls were not displaying correctly in Sectioning View.
  • Improved support for loading IFCs from Tekla into Navisworks.
  • Resolved numerous IFC file loader issues which resulted in missing parts, CERs and incorrectly rendered objects.
  • Resolved an issue where solid objects from an IFC file disappear

Viewpoints Fixes

This update fixes several reported issues with viewpoints that were causing performance problems for users.
In this update, we have fixed the issues causing these problems and also added a new global option to tidy up existing files.
This is found under Options > Model > Performance and is called Optimize on Load.

This feature is disabled by default, but when enabled will perform the following optimizations when when you load:

  • Delete duplicate redlines – All duplicate redlines from existing saved viewpoints will be deleted.
  • Optimize saved viewpoint overrides – Some old files could have saved viewpoint overrides with the same appearance stored multiple times. This optimization removes that redundancy.
  • Delete duplicate material attributes – Some files loaded from IFC could have nodes with many 10s or 100s of material attributes on them. This optimization removes all the extra material attributes from nodes.

These optimizations should help fix existing NWD/NWF files that customers have. We have also included a few smaller optimizations around performance in the area of saved viewpoint overrides, which should make switching saved viewpoints faster.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved performance when switching between saved viewpoints with material overrides.
  • Resolved an issue where saved viewpoints were becoming large.
  • Resolved an issue where creating Viewpoints with overrides caused the NWF file size to increase.
  • Resolved an issue where elements may appear black after making it transparent and saving a viewpoint with Override Appearance.

Other Resolved issues with using the Navisworks 2017 ActiveX component and APIs.

  • Resolved issues reading CATIA V4 .exp files.
  • Resolved an issue where Navisworks could crash when loading / shutting down when working with some DWGs.
  • Resolved an issue where .NET Control gave an error during start up.
  • Added an "Optimize on Load" option to Navisworks 2017
  • Resolved an issue where the NWC exporter option was not available in Revit RLT 2017
  • Resolved an issue where NWF file size increases significantly once you override colors and transparencies
  • Resolved an issue where loading Revit file in Navisworks resulted in geometry losing its color.
  • Resolved an issue where large BIM 360 Shared Views were crashing BIM 360 Glue & Field Mobile.
  • Implemented Solidworks 2015/2016 format compatibility.
  • Resolved properties greyed out in quick properties after importing xml file.
  • Resolved an issue where opening some step files resulted in the error "No plugin exists".
  • Resolved a CER when adjusting scale for PDF in quantification.
  • Resolved a CER when checking files into Vault.
  • Resolved a CER if OGS failed to create a texture.
  • Resolved a CER when using Set Scale from Measurement.