Navisworks Manage 2019.3 Update

Sept 11, 2019 – Autodesk releases the Navisworks Manage 2019.3 Update

The Navisworks Manage 2019.3 Update is available via the Autodesk Desktop App or via download from the Autodesk subscription site.
Both Freedom and Manage Updates were released.
The update install requires access to the original Navisworks 2019 product install resources.

Navisworks Manage 2019.3 Update

The Update provides the following enhancements and fixes to Navisworks platform products:


  • Levels are now hidden when reading IFC files using the Revit IFC loader (NW-54146).
  • Revit and IFC files now default to Shaded render mode when loaded using the Revit and Revit IFC loaders (NW-54945).


PDMS attribute files

  • PDMS attribute files (e.g. ATT, TXT files) can now contain lines longer than 500 characters (NW-54885).
  • PDMS attribute files containing attributes with the prefix ‘END’ in their name are now processed correctly (NW-54887).

Revit files

  • Geometries are now displayed correctly when loading Revit files using File > Export > NWC (NW-54912).

IFC loader

  • When reading IFC files using the Revit IFC loader, all geometry elements are now converted and displayed correctly (NW-54940).

Read the Update Release Notes Readme.