New LandXML 2.0 Viewer

March 4, 2016 – A new Free Viewer LandXML 2.0 released announced that Carlson Software released a new build of the Free 3D LandXML Viewer and a LandXML 2.0 Upgrade Tool.

Carlson Software is the current major development supporter of the latest LandXML 2.0 draft release in January 2016.

LandXML 2.0 Highlights

Update LandXML 2.0 schema to use current W3C standards

  • Support Signing and sealing
  • Incorporate 3D Road model improvements from worldwide input
  • Add flexible road cross section design template definitions.
  • Add SCS and Rational runoff associated with surface boundaries.
  • Enhance
    • Sanitary sewer pipes, structures and networks additions.
    • Storm water open system culverts, ditches, ponds and
      allow combined closed/open networks.
    • Add Material Table for element appearance
    • Add Color and textures to surfaces.
    • Add 2D/3D Symbol support for cogo points and polyline vertices.

New LandXML-2.0 samples files are now available on the samples page at