Standard Keys for NCS 6 Update

Nov 15, 2018 - MoreCompetency Inc releases a new and updated open source list of Keys for NCS 6.0

The open source list of our Civilized Keys is specific to the NCS 6.0 release.

By popular customer request we included in this updated NCS 6.0 list all the AEC Discipline Keys in addition to the traditional Survey and Civil discipline ones supported directly in the Framework for Civil 3D in the past.

NCS 6 Civilized Standard Keys for Civil 3D

The list of Keys was generated from available public domain sources and includes the DOD, VA, US Army Corps, and GSA sources.

The purpose of the updated Civilized Key 6 list is to allow anyone interested to validate any Layer or Level system with the list employed as a lookup resource.

You can get the free open source list of NCS 6 Keys from the Open Downloads page.

This published list may change without notice as we improve it.

The Framework for Civil 3D products employ a similar list in all our supplied Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tools.