Subassembly Codes Tool Released

Dec 22, 2015 - The Subassembly Codes Tool is released by MoreCompetency Inc.

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There's a new Production Solution Spreadsheet Tool for customizing AutoCAD Civil 3D available to Production Solution product customers and our site members.

Customers and members may now download the latest build of the Subassembly Codes Tool in standard zip file format from the Spreadsheet Tools section of the site. 
See Members>>Documentation and Help>>Spreadsheet Tools>>Subassembly Codes Tool.

Subassembly Codes Tool

InstantOn and Jump Kit Production Solution products include the Corridor Points translation Description Key Sets and Code Set Styles. This Excel spreadsheet both documents all the stock Subassembly codes and provides to ability to modify the abbreviations for building different code translations for new custom Description Key Sets and Code Set Styles for and from these stock Subassembly codes. 
The supplied codes and abbreviations are employed in critical Code Set Styles and referenced by the General Point, Link, and Shape Label Styles

Subassembly codes play a significant role in successfully automating annotation from corridor models.

This spreadsheet tool allows you to customize and maintain abbreviations related to the codes for all the Civil 3D stock subassembly parts.

This is the only known comprenhensive documentation of  the Point, Link, and Shape codes employed in all the AutoCAD Civil 3D stock subassemblies.

Register and download the Civil 3D Subassembly Codes Tool for free.