Year End Updates and Additions

Dec 31, 2015 - MoreCompetency Inc releases new Updates and AutoCAD Civil 3D Help and Documentation

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Recent Civil 3D Product and Website Additions and Updates:

  • We updated the Open Standards for Civil 3D
    • New Production Standards documentation
      Style naming conventions for AutoCAD Civil 3D
    • New Symbol Set Documentation
  • Added significant depth to the Symbol Set and the maintenance tool
    See the downloadable Symbol Set Documentation for what’s in there
  • Added a new spreadsheet customization tool - Subassemblies Code Set Tool
    Detailed documentation of the stock Civil 3D subassembly codes and Code Set Style output
  • Added Updates to Layer Standards Spreadsheet Tool instruction and documentation
  • Major Updates to the Survey Code Tool instruction and documentation
  • Added Updates to all the other Spreadsheet Tools help files for Civil 3D customization
  • Added a bunch of new docs to the Members section’s Documentation and Help for Civil 3D
    • There are latest links up there to help you locate the updates and the new ones.
  • Rebuilt all the Release 6 Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016 and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 on the latest Service Packs and Hot Fixes available
  • See all the latest Release 6 Details and Changes
  • Increased the visible list of Tags in the Jump On Civil 3D blog and cleaned them up.

We Wish You a Prosperous and Happy New Year