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Sometimes the obvious is right in front of us. Then again maybe it isn't obvious?

In the old days most civil CAD software included some simple command function to quickly create a grid to superimpose on a site topo plan. In typical AutoCAD Civil 3D fashion this really isn’t a built in function. It doesn’t need to be as we shall see. However, in training I do get the question a lot,

How do I do build a grid?

SIte Plan Grid Alignments

My answer may be different than yours.

AutoCAD Still Works

The trite, old-school answer to the dilemma is:
AutoCAD Civil 3D includes AutoCAD so just employ some AutoCAD lines and text to produce the annotation. That simple approach works.

AutoCAD Map has an interesting map publication method that also works, but that another story for another day and time.

Both ways miss the important points of Civil 3D’s Managed Dynamic Model and Civil 3D’s Style based reality. The AutoCAD solution certainly avoids these Civil 3D issues.
That makes some people happy I suppose, but then again I believe you work too hard.

My answer is

“Anything Linear Can Be an Alignment”

Toolspace Grid Alignments

Folks, build some Civil 3D Style tools to do the deed.  Better yet - Save your sanity and get to work in any one of the six latest versions of InstantOn. If you need a Civil 3D Style tool, it’s in there.

I’ve previously discussed the need for Annotative Alignments in Civil 3D projects in a number of posts. Here’s the latest one. You can find more by searching for “annotative alignments” this blog.

The Style Tools

Grid Alignment Style tool solutions are a piece of cake.  It is a layer cake.
You might need a couple of Alignment Styles.
You certainly want a few Alignment Group Label Sets and the backend specific Station Label Styles to annotate your Grid alignment Features.  
You’ll need Geometry Point Labels to annotate the Starts and Ends and Major Station Labels to produce the ticks.

Our newest Release 5 InstantOn and Jump Kit products now include these because people just keep asking. See the end of this post for the details.

It’s Easier to Show Than Tell

Here’s the link to the YouTube video that covers the details of Grid Construction in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
In the video I also included a couple of AutoCAD Civil 3D Style Management and Style Import tricks you might also find to be useful.
I included a MoreCompetency page with some other great reasons why you might want to take the AutoCAD Civil 3D Alignment approach to the simple task of constructing a better set of Grids.  You can make even more use of Grid Alignments.

Does a video link make this blog a VLOG?

Our Release 5 Production Solution customers can download the Grid Alignment Style resource files plus some additional really useful resources files from the appropriate product download page. A July update is available today!

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