If I already made it, it is tough to recreate it.…


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Our old time AutoCAD mindset says,

"If I already made it, it is tough to recreate it. Fix it."

Civil 3D doesn't work that way at all. In this dynamic, model-based, and Style driven world, it’s all about iterations and repetitions.

Turn and Burn

We do the iterations to get better civil Feature data to publish.
We can also employ repetitions to spruce up the publication or representations themselves.

For example: how many ins and outs of Survey point data do you perform to publish a typical existing survey site plan? This is part of what we spoke to in the last post and video about even something basic like Grid Alignments.

We build up "layers" (pun intended) of civil data in known and QAQC'd Features (not by linework pictures on layers) to make the magic happen.

Fewer repetitions isn’t better. The speed and “direction” of the reps is.
How many ways can you employ the data differently to speed up the process and reduce the MANUAL work that costs us all too much?
Does each repetition add value to the data?

The Master Tool User knows this is what it’s all about.
The tool is faster than you.
Inside AutoCAD Civil 3D you are responsible to be smarter about how it displays what you need now.

We work for a More refined PROCESS to REPRODUCE the CONSISTENT results we require.

To me that affirms the fact there is an Art to Engineering.

We Need More of That Not Less