An August Assembly Updates for AutoCAD Civil 3D

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In August the President and Congress take a vacation on your taxpayer dime. They happily leave the country’s problems on the back burner for a bit. You can count on the fact they  play a round or two, have a few rounds, or just get more round.

As to the term – “august assembly” - the term does sound pompous. However, it is quite appropriate.
“August” in this usage isn’t exactly derived from the month of August although they are related in a way the post-modern person may find obscure. It’s a Roman Emperor thing.

“August” is an adjective that in this context means “heir to a lordly fortune.”

You might also note that important “AU” characters found in this word. Perhaps the AU code is a hope thing for Australia because AU is of course the chemical symbol for Gold.
Space scientists announced this month that they discovered that gold is created by the collisions of super dense neutron stars.  It seems appropriate that the ultimate alchemy is created by the banging together of leftovers of wantabe supernovas.
An August Assembly apparently knows where the gold is hidden and is always most concerned about that. It’s a density issue I guess.
This is an important consideration to recall when it comes time to vote for the members of all august assemblies.

We Live in the Same August World

In July we released a Jump Release 5 Grid Publication update for our Release 5 InstantOn customers. If you missed it, login and check out the product Download page for the link.
We also posted a how to video on YouTube about employing the new Grid resources in the real world on real projects. Hidden treasure can be Way Cool!

SIte Plan Grid Alignments

The Alchemy of Improvement

In August we release a Symbol Set and Jump Kit Upgrade for all Release 5 InstantOn Survey, Jump Kit, and Jump Start Services customers. If you haven’t upgraded from an older release to the new Release 5 Production Solutions, you still make the Jump at an affordable price for a limited time.

If you own an older version of the Symbol Set or Blocks Only, a new versions upgrade is worth every penny. For chump change you get MORE - lots more content, lots more choice and more graphic variety.
We deliver far more than NCS (National CAD Standard) compliant symbols these days. Get more consistency and more production sanity built in.

The new Release 5 products are available in a staggering number of releases and with varied capabilities to meet every organization’s civil engineering and survey need for a Production Solution for Civil 3D.
Get Release 5 products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013, and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014.
Check it out.

Like any artful dragon, Smaug himself would be proud to perch upon such a horde. He’d best remember, “Beware of burglars and the greed of dwarves.” We’d be better served to remember his Desolation.

Being artful craftsmen (as in the men of Dale), we like to spread our wealth of honest work around.

InstantOn is Ready to Run

When We Speak of Vaults

The August update includes an array of new sized Vaults for the common utility infrastructures that require that sort of detail – Communication (UTCO), Power (UTEL), Phone (UTPH), and generic utilities (UTIL).
Needless to say, we supply all the editable backend graphics the Points Styles and the Description Key Sets to make the new content all work for you right out of the box.

Get The Jump Kit 

The new Release 5 versions of Blocks Only (all AutoCAD based products), Symbol Set (Civil 3D), and the Jump Kit (Style tools for Civil 3D) already are the largest, most complete, most consistent and most employed libraries for AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD products. When asked…”It’s in there.”

See why so many government agencies, commercial civil engineers, and surveyors say,

“It Makes Sense to Me”

What about the competition? - See us on the Autodesk Partner pages.

There’s a big “ain’t”. It’s probably not worth the effort to even try and catch up. We’ve been at the building of the best toys and tools for as long as there’s been an AutoCAD Civil 3D.
Truly, we really don’t know how many Civil 3D consultants of every type use our old and worn free stuff.
It’s a golden glow of positive affirmation.

All the necessary parts and pieces are there and they work together.
No release upgrade and project upgrade hassles - We guarantee it.
Some say our products are pure Joy.
Our products are pure content. You simply won’t have code conflicts with other third party solutions. Any user with zero training can install and get up and working in AutoCAD Civil 3D in minutes.

Work the Same Publish On Demand

“Man, IOB is great. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Every day or so I find Style tools you already have covered for things I didn’t even know C3D could do. Marvelous…”

‘Nuff Said about our August treasures.