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Whew! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I labored doing website software upgrades.

Silly me

I put these mandatory maintenance issues off for longer than I should have. I unfortunately waited until things started to break. Then I did a bunch of updates in a rush. That caused me to have to learn too much too fast. Sound familiar?
Delay until breakage is not the way to manage modern software. That approach undermines our productivity and inhales more time - More frequent, bite-sized chunks simply works better.

The fruits of my sweaty labor remain to be seen. Hopefully, most of the work will remain invisible forever. No website problems for customers, potential customers, and my folks alike.

Upgrades are a Ditch

Any software upgrade is like a ditch. You get to dig it, slam in and test the stuff, just to fill it in as fast as possible. While the hole’s open it can be a hazard to any and all.

If you experience issues with a website page on the first load, first try a "Refresh" or a "Reload".
We are still tweaking a few things and web engines like stability not change.
Funny - that sounds just like people.

What’s New

Performance should be much improved in all versions of all the popular browsers.

We tested in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. No more Internet Explorer 10 hiccups.

Blog Searches are slicker, faster, and now support more common search engine tricks. That makes finding what you need to know about AutoCAD Civil 3D and our Production Solution products easier than ever.

You'll also find the site now employs more formal canonical tags and better url redirection. Find the "right" page from the outside world should be much better.

All of which will make the site more search engine friendly. All more SEO friendly as they say. I still don't know who "they' are. Do you?
Your old links should generally work, but you make find a broken one here and there. We'll keep working to improve that level of site organization.

Under the Hood

Or is it “in the hood”…Oh. Never mind.

For those of you with a technical bent and an interest in website content engines we gladly employ telerik's Sitefinity CMS. Gee. I think we were one of their first US customers back in the day.

You can find that at

As to telerik, like I said we’ve been a long time customer. You can find them at

Odds are you employ a telerik control more than a few times every day if you use a computer and the web.

The telerik Rad Editor is everywhere on the Internet. Make a comment below and you'll recognize it.