Time to Upgrade to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014

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Autodesk released the first Service Pack for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 a couple of weeks ago. I get the usual calls, “Is SP1 ok?” “Is the Service Pack for Civil 3D 2014 good to go?” “Did they fix _____?” Please, fill in your favorite Civil 3D aggravation. Other SPs for C3D 2013 and even C3D 2012 have also been released recently. You can swap around the release numbers.

We have lots of local government agency customers – you know public works, water districts, etc. For some reason, Survey departments and survey staff seem to favor our AutoCAD Civil 3D solutions. The new ones ask,

“Will my InstantOn run?”

No Problemo! We do the work so you don’t have to.
Our InstantOn Release 5 products run great in multiple releases of Civil 3D for a reason.
Take advantage of our InstantOn Basic and InstantOn Survey Release 5 special pricing.
It can’t last forever.

Habits Make History

Many people won’t deploy any new AutoCAD software release until there’s at least one Service Pack on the street. Lots of folks wait and even skip releases. I believe that is more about hardware and the issue of changing user habits than fact or a real world pursuit of productivity.

Certainly all new Autodesk releases and all service packs are better by some useful measure. Anywho - Autodesk Service Packs or Updates are more pleasant than death, taxes, and, I dare say- heathcare.

We all “know” it’s about the on-going projects, don’t we?
If it wasn’t for the hassle of upgrades to work in progress, we might behave differently. Would we?
What if someone simply addressed the problem from the get go? We do. We document the How to.

Get the Jump

In the next post I promise to provide some more encouraging and touching things to ponder while you install that Autodesk Service Pack. The two posts go together like download and install or wine and cheese. There are new winds of change in our future.

Take Five and Jump Ahead