The Cadpilot Gets a New Face

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The redesign of a long-term public works or civil engineering project is something you probably know all about. Do late nights and hair pulling over the antics of AutoCAD Civil 3D sound familiar? Probably. Our innovative products can and do help.

Time to Make a Change

This website is one of those never-ending project beasts. Yeah. Modern website design specifications and “standards” change faster than civil engineering and survey standards, that’s for sure. A lot of smart folks have done a ton of rational style and standards development work to create responsive design while everything changes around them. Our friends in AutoCAD land could learn from this. I keep saying it. Some people listen.

Phones, tablets, and phablets (whatever that is) certainly put new demands on how we must relearn to communicate. Everyone and everything is in 360 motion.
People seem to access this humble Civil 3D info blog more and more with mobile devices.
Like me, you’re probably readin’ and studyin’ up via the phone while you wait.
We seem to wait a lot more these days.

Responsive Design

You’ll notice we’ve made serious effort to become more “responsive”. Now you should be able to browse and search the 100,000+ words in hundreds of in-depth posts found here a bit better from your smartphone. The site now does phone squishy reasonably well. Oooo. Yes. We still have tuning to do.

Things should also look a bit better at higher resolutions as well. More than a few of you who check in regularly are now running at pretty awesome high resolutions. We did a whole new template and tasty new styles. Things may look the same, but they are not? We hope we’ve managed to walk that fine line between update and upset.

We hope you enjoy and, better yet, use the new look of We’re not done.

We certainly have more changes planned. Viewing the many Civil 3D training videos on site should get better real soon now.