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We build innovative content for AutoCAD Civil 3D. It ends up in some interesting places.

I enjoy talking to people and hearing about the real work they are doing with our Production Solutions products. We have customers in every state of the Union and a lot of other strange places. These cover a wide range of organizations that want Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D style libraries that make AutoCAD Civil 3D work right now. These include federal departments, municipal and county public works agencies, commercial civil engineers, and survey firms.

Tackle the Dirty Jobs

Arctic No Roads

I tend to pry more than a bit when I get the chance to chat in-depth with a customer. It’s a great time to get feedback and ask about what folks really need from our products to get more work done.

This year’s AddOn upgrades to our products like Topo Grids, Sized utility vaults, and the recently released Legends and Lists tools all germinated in part from customer conversations.

What do you need? Please, let’s us know. Of course everyone says, “Make the work easier.”

Take This Job and Love It

This month I talked with a surveyor who does most of his work on the North Slope of Alaska in 40+ mile an hour blowing snow, in the pitch dark, and at super subzero temperatures.  He says,

Everything is a challenge except the Civil 3D thanks to you. I get inside to warm up to Civil 3D and your templates.

The Other Snow Birds

“Ok? You’re doing the work in the middle of the North Pole winter because…?”

“In the winter we can get around and thanks to GPS get work done. We can do the work without destroying habitat, but that’s only part of the story. In the spring and summer everything is alive…especially the ground.
If you’re a nature photographer flying around that time of year, it can be really pretty.
On the ground it’s no fun.
The tundra is an endless bog with a few high points of solid ground.
Unless the ground and water are frozen most places are impassable. They aerial map the caribou migration trails and nesting areas which we also have to avoid to build anything. That’s the best high ground.

Really cold is a whole lot better and easier to deal with than wet, cold, and bugs. When the bugs start to hatch in the thaw…You don’t want to be part of the feast. It’s time to leave for Hawaii.”

Who Knew?

Take Five and Jump Ahead