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I followed AU2013 on Twitter and on AU-Live instead of being there is person this year. This was conscious choice based on life's other demands.
My virginal, virtual experience was notably weird and detached. I missed the visceral meat of the human personal that is Autodesk University.

It’s All My Fault of Course

I learned I do not know really how to participate virtually in event life. While I am a practiced sports fan, I’m both ignorant and inexperienced at this new art of the virtual event. I must be missing some hidden participatory skills. It must be a fault of character or oncoming age that I prefer walks and talks with people. That cannot be replaced by any technology no matter how social the app purports to be.

I spent a good amount of time chuckling to myself over the personal tweets from folks I follow while shifting through the commercial barrage of Autodesk marketing’s Twitter spam. How many thousands of professional man-hours went into that sustained and preapproved effort I have no idea.

A New Marketing Plan

Someone at Autodesk send me 10% of the budget please. Our Production Solutions are an Autodesk marketable effort! Hey. We’re even an official Autodesk Developer Partner.

For that Twitter budget I’d guess that we’d be happy to supply every AutoCAD Civil 3D user worldwide with Civil 3D templates and styles that actually work. One might argue that it could reduce customer angst significantly. Everyone I talk to asks why Autodesk doesn’t do it. I have no answer except maybe, "We do." Ask them.

People want to download today and say, “Hooray!”
That is marketing that works?

I don’t miss the need for social marketing. I’m just a bit cheeky and a virtual virgin after all.

Are My Priorities Misplaced?

Since I’m the son of a marketing professional and perhaps somewhat skilled in the dark arts myself, I don’t disrespect the majesty of this Autodesk maximum event effort. Autodesk should make a game of it. They could probably sell it. They don’t do that but never-the-less I’m always impressed with Autodesk Event mechanics - artful.

For reasons that arguably self-perceived, I’m sort of happier with the quieter aftermath.

Do I need a smoke and a stiff one to savor it? Nah. Life moves on.

Meanwhile, I’ve pounded my head on my keyboard. I was busy at work on other things as you can plainly see if you look around. If you knew how much Internet technology teaches me about Autodesk product geekdom, you’d either be impressed or impressionable.

Wouldn’t you know it?

I get the new look and even more mobile cadpilot.com up and running at last. Then Microsoft dumps Internet Explorer 11 out in the monthly update on the same night. A couple little things are now broken. Arrrgh. It never ends…It is not supposed to.

Microsoft also announced publically they have suspended retail sales of Windows 7 if you didn’t already know that. You can still get a new computer with OEM Win7. Here’ s the message…It’s Windows 8.1 or bust. Windows XP official support REALLY does end on Jan 1, 2014. At last!

Wait a minute…No problemo!
Can’t I run everything I need to do my work in a state-of-the-art browser on my phone or a tablet by Christmas 2013 - Maybe by New Year’s 2014?

No? No app for that yet? Ok.

It really bytes to wait until next year.