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Perhaps you noticed that the cadpilot was down for a day this week. Sorry about that. Our hosting provider moved the site to an upgraded server with more of everything for hardware and a current, state-of-the-art backend -Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, et. al.
Well almost state of the art…
Microsoft announced the new SQL Server 2014 was released to manufacturing the same day the move began. It never ends.

“Tomorrow happened yesterday”

Stuff Takes Longer Than You Expect

As is usual in the shared hosting world their promised downtime of “a couple of hours” ended up being closer to 24 hours. Things go wrong - Database migrations unexpectedly stall for no apparent reason and people don’t notice right away. Can my support ticket scream?

“In space no one can hear you scream”

This site is apparently more complicated and database heavy than most. No surprise to me.

Can I migrate things myself? This is taking way too long!

“Whatever you like, sir”

Ah - Customer service in the DO IT YOURSELF world. Then I went brain dead myself. Dooh!
I spent a few hours not seeing the painfully obvious wrong setting I missed in my local SQL Server 2012.

The Hair Pulling is Over

We trust many nagging and annoying website performance issues that have been, frankly, driving me and our users crazy for a number months will go away. If not, it will be again time to pack the bags and move elsewhere.

So Far So Good