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Civil 3D Survey Got Better

I still hear some folks say that AutoCAD Civil 3D sucks for surveyors. There are certainly reasons why people believe that. Usually I discover the person tried the Survey Toolspace in Civil 3D once releases ago. They had a really crappy Civil template and tried to use the Autodesk stock styles and resources. No wonder. I’d quit too.

You should fix that. Surveyors and civil engineers love…

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Civil 3D Point Group Standards

The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D includes an entire rasher of fully-integrated Point Group resources. A couple of thousand Survey Codes that work in the real world surely help too. This is evolutionary innovation.
If you employ Civil 3D Survey to produce production deliverables, you need these. Sadly it seems this has been a challenge for many folks in Civil 3D Land. Civil…

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Civil 3D Symbol Exchange

The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D comes with more blocks and Civil 3D Point Styles than you ever want to shake a stick at. That’s one reason surveyors and civil engineers love Jump Kit. They get to shake their own stick at Civil 3D and make it work for them instead of the other way around. Yeah. There…

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Reprise Civil 3D Point Export Behavior

Not all that long ago I posted about the Stranger Things regarding the Upside Down Civil 3D Point Export behaviors. In the recent rash of AutoCAD Civil 3D Service Packs and Updates Autodesk was kind enought to change the important command name and not mention it. While I address the topic a quick video is definately in order.  Yes. The older post was updated…

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Component Roads in Civil 3D Detail

Autodesk has talked a lot about the new Component Roads in Infraworks 360 all summer. September’s AutoCAD Civil 3D v1 Enhancements and the Infraworks 360 release included new Storm Water Gravity Pipe analysis tools based in part on the shared technology. There are also new methods and workflows for the in and outs between…

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