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This week the prize for Civil 3D users from Autodesk is the release of the new Autodesk DWG Migration for Docs (DMDA) tool. Maybe the DMDA is a utility? This Civil 3D and AutoCAD whatsit App has been in the works for way too long. Thanks Autodesk. It finally arrived.

The new DMDA will: test and validate all the wonky file and numerous, and notoriously, obscure…

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For reasons that remain a mystery even to me, I have always had a thing about the Rocks in the Sky. The real science of asteriods (and comets) is changing even as we speak in some very surprising and unexpected ways. The NASA adventure at Bennu a couple of years ago rocked many. Eheh. 

Some of us find it super funny that the rock band Queen guitarist Brian…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  WATT, video, nasa, Bennu, WOS

We all need better, safe places for productive play in Civil 3D. There are mission critical personal and corporate reasons why we need better Civil 3D Sandboxes in our civil engineering and survey organizations. We should ask, “How good is my Civil 3D Sandbox?”

Our Civil 3D skills are personal. Productivity improvement requires proactive time spent learning to employ those skills.…

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If we run any release of Autodesk Civil 3D, that software we employ to perform our daily civil engineering and survey project work changed recently. In the last month Autodesk released the Civil 3D 2024.1 Update, the Civil 3D 2023.3 Update, the Civil 3D 2022.2.5 Update, and the Civil 3D 2021.3.6 Update. Whoa. A Civil 3D Update mania.

Aside from the mandatory…

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We hope everyone out there in Civil 3D Land had a great relaxing Labor Day weekend. Did your fav college football team pull off an upset? Mine did in the last minute of their game. Hoorah. Frankly, most of the long holiday weekend we were laboring in that favorite tradition of small business in America. You know the drill.

Work smarter and harder than the other guys.


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