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After Day One (yesterday) maybe I should be face down, but I'm More than hangin' in there.
A full day of Unconference sessions to perform followed by a couple of AutoCAD Civil 3D sessions I'm looking forward to.

It was nice of people to pack out the People Skills Unconferences with signups. Maybe that's becasue this stuff IS important :)

Basically I start talking first thing…

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I'm already in love with AU-Moble. Makes my Android phone useful at AU 2011.
The new moble phone "app" is a big improvement over anything from the past. I actually hooked up BEFORE even I left home.
Keeping track of what's going on when I have a jammed pack schedule is lots easier.

I used my Twitter name "cd3cadpilot" as my contacts moniker for the AU Moble app.

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The DTMC (Design Technology Management Conference) from last year evolved into the new and larger Autodesk University Leadership Forum at this year's AU. 

A larger More Business focused and Manager's Conference at AU 2011 is high on my list for great expectations.
The AULF schedule leaves lots of time for the participants to chat things up. Based on the sign ups I've seen, the group of…

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Nov 22, 2011 - Autodesk released Service Pack 1 for the Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler 2012.

AIM 2012

The AIM 2012 Service Pack 1 is a bit difficult to find. Currently, the service pack can only be found on the bottom of the Autodesk Infrastructure…

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Thanksgiving's probably my favorite holiday.

I Love Thanksgiving... I Really Do

I like cooking the meal. I love eating it with a huge crowd of family and friends. I love the leftovers. Maybe I even like the leftovers More than the meal itself since I've been known to cook it twice if my family is gong to someone else's place for the meal.
I like endless big screen football…

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