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Point Groups coupled with Description Key Sets provide us with a powerful environment to manage, display and annotate COGO point data in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

Remember - YOU Rule the Points

 Point Display Representations

Prior to AU 2011 I wrote a post…

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Once in a while I read a post somewhere else that makes me nervous for the folks that read it.
The Being Civil blog is pretty good about not handing out bogus and/or partially incorrect information. No one is perfect. I've done it myself a few times with all the best intentions.

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One of the best things about AutoCAD Civil 3D are the visuals that Civil 3D Styles and the backend AutoCAD display engine can produce. If we employ these capabilities to our advantage they are:

More Than Eye Candy

 A Crossover Corridor

These tools and capabilities can…

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One of my favorite AutoCAD interface tweaks remains palette rollover transparency which you can set for one or all palettes in your interface.

Reclaim More Work Space

A transparent Alignment Editor out of Rollover 


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Microsoft Gets Back in Touch

No Way Microsoft was going to let Apple and/or Google win the ever ongoing and growing interface war.

All I can say is the sometimes painfully obvious,

"It is going be a pleasant chore to learn a whole new way to work."

You can now download a preview the beta of the Windows 8 operating system that features the much talked about…

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