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Recently, I've gotten a number of requests from people who want help getting their Civil 3D Feature based drawings smacked down to "dumb" AutoCAD and other CAD or GIS formats. This includes the still too common problem of getting your Civil 3D stuff back to LDT.

Think Smart Before You Dumb Down

Before I say anything about Dumb Down to ACAD at all, you need…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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"They say I'm crazy. But I have a good time." - Joe Walsh

Way Cool! A new release of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 is upon us like a rock tour.  I do promise to get back to that, but the annual Autodesk Release event and the traditional end of Spring Training bring me back to consider the fundamentals.

These days I make a living helping people and organizations…

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Hey! I do a simple post about the nature of Civil 3D Style and overnight the Get the Jump on Civil 3D blog becomes a new Mecca for furniture, handbag, and fashion commenting link folks. Google and comment away! Please remember it actually pays to read where you comment and make it relevant.

Wait a Minute! The link post marketing people aren't that far off the mark. They…

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The best thing about the model-based nature of AutoCAD Civil 3D is that its Features contain real civil engineering DATA. Civil 3D provides visual access to most of this Feature DATA via a host of tools called Styles and Sets. Collecting, standardizing and managing those tools what the Jump is all about.

CAD Visuals are Not the Whole Game 

The published Sheet is far from the totality…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

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Civil 3D Styles can be mystifying. So many details and picky little properties that can overwhelm and confuse the best of us. As one valiant City staffer put it,

"I'm mired in Styles."

Hear this from a Jump customer,
"Get the Jump and fo' geta 'bout it."

Now you just have to explain and train your fellow ACAD or LDT experts what Civil…

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