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This summer our nation's politicians struggle to cope with the cost of government. This is a pretty common human problem. I have the problem. You have the problem. But Why is it so #%$#  HARD TO FIX IT?

The Costs are Real

The people working in the civil engineering and related marketplaces today have real needs. There are significant man-hour costs for organizations when…

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What are thousands of counties, towns, agencies, consultants, civil engineers and their Autodesk Resellers going to do?
Customize AutoCAD Civil 3D from the ground up for each and every one or Personalize AutoCAD Civil 3D based on National Standards?

The WAVE is Coming…  

This is the reason I do this crazy little thing called Jump.

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Is this part of your day in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012?

"In AutoCAD 2012 versions, mouse cursor freezes during pan or zoom command or when other commands are invoked. Also, general performance slowdown may be experienced. This typically happens if multiple External References (XREF) are attached to the drawing."

Autodesk released a Performance Slowdown Hotfix

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I wanted to follow up on the Subassembly Composer tip I tossed out on the SAC release day and More on the theme of the cumulative nature of AutoCAD Civil 3D knowledge. It is... 

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

In my SAC post I pointed out that employing the NAMES used in the default Civil 3D codeset file might be a good idea and save you a LOT of work.

Use the default CODE…

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One of the amazing things about AutoCAD Civil 3D is the depth of content available to you on the web every day.

Pay a Little Regular Attention

There are a whole cadre of good bloggers out there. (see the list on this page for a few). Here's a good example of that...


Cindy Davenport (known as the "c3dcougar" on twitter and elsewhere) has a great blog post this…

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