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We use Autodesk Civil 3D. We are dependent on the software to get our project work done and to execute our production work and deliverables. Beyond those obvious ones, the number of formal data Dependencies inside Civil 3D and our civil engineering and survey projects appear to do nothing but increase. Dependencies are trending and tend to explode.


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I intentionally employ the metaphor of the US Constitutional principal of the Separation of Powers to talk about how civil engineers and surveyors need to systematically manage to divide and conquer resources and more inside and around Civil 3D. The Arts of Separation help us all to employ the software successfully in production.

The principals of separation are, as they…

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People wave their hands and talk about BIM, CIM, model-based software, and model-based design. What do these often used buzz words truly mean to civil engineers and surveyors?
Where does the rubber hit the road in our daily grind?
Maybe the answer is simple. Maybe not so much.

Model-Based is Simple and Elegant

It sure appears to take a while for people to discover the unexpected…

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Back in the day Autodesk liked to talk up the Dynamic Model. Remember that? The fact that Civil 3D Features (or objects) communicate with one another so we do not have to worry so much about whether or not the stuff you see and print in Civil 3D is actually updated.

If a Civil 3D user changes a design Alignment and Profile, the entire roadway Corridor model and the resultant…

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It happens. You’ve got your head down banging away on your latest Civil 3D project. Maybe this is even your first real attempt at an AutoCAD Civil 3D project.  We certainly provide real world Civil 3D template and Civil 3D Style solutions that many folks think help a lot.

You find you’ve created and checked a surface from survey data, actually…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  alignment, Dynamiic Model, data shortcut, data reference, model