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The title for this post sounds almost like a car finish product. Go on down to the box store and pick up some Surface Care today. Civil 3D Surface Care is in the aisle next to that beer sold by dem Artesians. You remember the Artesians? Don’t you? Ok. Maybe not. You should.

The Artesian tv spots were the best of the 80’s beer commercials. You have to wonder…

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The Framework for Civil 3D is designed and built to be a consistent, robust, and adaptive managed system to help organizations and daily Civil 3D users employ Civil 3D in actual production project environments.
The Framework is The Adaptive System to Build Civil 3D Standards.
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Folks who follow this blog and check out or employ the Framework for Civil 3D, quickly recognize that I am a strong advocate for the employment of Survey tools in their Civil 3D production process. No doubt this can be a significant challenge. There are a lot of moving parts and resources to develop in well-built and effective Survey in Civil 3D processes. These days in Civil 3D…

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Within a back to Civil 3D fundamentals series of posts, there is no way to dodge Survey in Civil 3D. Survey is too essential to the workflows and process of not only survey organizations, but to civil engineering and other full-service AEC design firms as well. The difference between what most people think Survey in Civil 3D can do and the actual survey production capabilities can be staggering…

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Autodesk Civil 3D is a feature rich and complex design environment for civil engineers. Civil 3D requires customization to be usable in real world projects. The cost of this development can easily be more than the cost of the software itself. The on-going maintenance and total cost of ownership costs are often worse. Inside the Framework for Civil 3D products we supply…

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