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What exactly does an Alignment do in Autodesk Civil 3D? Whoa. Now that’s a loaded question. It might be the most mission critical question we should ask about the Alignment in Civil 3D. The meaning of that old, familiar word – Alignment – is more sophisticated and nuanced these days. We need to align our thinking with the actual Civil 3D functional realities.


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In Civil 3D Land we hear this compliant all too often. I believe that it is safe to say that I have a healthy respect for the complexity of AutoCAD Civil 3D. Needless to say the Framework for Civil 3D is deep, detailed, and robust because all of that is required. This is a good capability thing in the end, but bad training news in the beginning.
In training sessions l like…

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“What do I need to know about Alignments in AutoCAD Civil 3D?”

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…”

“Whoa. How about the short version?”

Thus is created The Civil 3D Book of Alignments.
Sorry. Yes, the title has to be plural. To make Alignments singular would be puerile and tangential.

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AutoCAD Civil 3D alignments play a central role in the production of better deliverables in less time and with less effort. We have to think about alignments differently in Civil 3D. Autodesk certainly did.

I call the overall concept - Intelligent Publish on Demand or iPOD. The pivotal productivity role for alignments is true whether those…

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Software hopefully grows more intuitive. AutoCAD Civil 3D’s interface is better at it than the not so model-based software of the past. Features must behave in a more consistent and predictable way by definition. However “intuitive” means different things to different people. A change of context can be befuddling to the best of us.

We Don't Know When to Look for Directions

I ran…

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