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Our preference of graphic symbols/blocks may become problematic in our Civil 3D customization. Managed systematically blocks can make your Civil 3D Standards more flexible and adaptive. These simple AutoCAD things can have a significant impact in our project work. Case in point - If I change all the block representations in a project drawing by refining the blocks, your all too familiar work can…

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I do videos and blog posts on a lot of topics inside of Civil 3D. Some folks complain that I don’t do basic how tos. Thank God. There are other folks out there in Civil 3D Land that are really good at that. We feature many of those Civil 3D how to videos by the best experts on our curated video pages. Tell me…

Who doesn’t…

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People often ask me what makes the Framework for Civil 3D special and different. In fairness everyone wants an answer that speaks to their current need. Let’s just call it - the state of their Civil 3D usage.

If you are a Civil 3D newbie crawling up out of Eagle Point or something, you look at the entire Civil 3D templates and Civil 3D styles challenge a…

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Well-practiced Change Management is a fact of life for the successful business or organization.

If we employ software to do our work, we tend to see Change Management as technology focused. Software vendors and their marketing departments love and foster this perspective. The mantra in the marketplace is pervasive and persuasive. That perspective produces…

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These days many are justifiably concerned about pandemic plague.
Seriously, do we call this horrific advent the “Red Death”?
It may not be Ebola, but our viral history says the days will happen. Perhaps you already know and acknowledge that your own DNA confirms this. Viro-evolutionary mechanisms are a disturbing and interesting field of study at least to me.

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