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I found the following Layer Management idea for Civil 3D hilarious and functional too. This relates somewhat to our ongoing NCS Standards chat, so here she goes.

Direct From - Deep in the Heart of Texas

(‘cause the theme song always drives you crazy)

A Big Hat CAD manager called me today with a hot tip about how to deal with the too many…

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We talked about the need for out Release 5 AutoCAD linetype resources for AutoCAD Civil 3D last time. We support both NCS 4.0 and NCS 5.0 CAD Standards in our Production Solution products for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014, AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013, and AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012.

I’d argue we need to consider what we do with these flexible and adaptive linetypes…

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If you’re an AutoCAD user, you’ve been wrestling with Linetypes since day one. I think we’d all agree that Autodesk hasn’t really done much to improve how this underlying core piece of ACAD technology works for way too long. Have we given up hope of any reprieve?

To Be or Not to Be

No, I’m not ignoring that somewhat improved linetype “plan readability” got added and cleaned up…

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A few days ago I posted about the use of Light and Dark Backgrounds in Civil 3D.

This following interesting factoids about color publishing of exhibits and the other ACAD palette particulars came as a comment to that post. But comments to blogs do not always get always get read.

Another note: the default…

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Right before the Super Bowl, we released another update to the basic Jump 4 Release products. Many of you have already visited us and pulled it. Thank you. 
We trust you'll employ it right away and...

Get to Work

In this latest update, we included a new set of "Light" Layer State files to address what I call the Light Meat Dark Meat quandary. How do you like your turkey?


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