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I manage and maintain a huge set of Civil 3D Style resources for more versions and flavors of Civil 3D than I want to remember. Most people see these manifested in the Framework for Civil 3D public products delivered from this site. Like everyone else who does this sort of thing for a living, I had to learn the hard way to systematically manage a large set of Style collections.


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The on-going Style Maintenance of our Civil 3D templates is a significant and complex information management problem. There is the raw numbers problem. There are lots of kinds of Civil 3D Feature Styles and Civil 3D Label Styles to manage.

There’s the larger critical path Style problem of the variety of purpose - The need for Style Choice.…

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For reasons that I know really don't matter even a tiny bit to you, I spent More than a week performing basic and not so basic IT maintenance for businesses, friends, family and even myself.

The Rituals of Workstation Maintenance

It was time to rebuild my workstation. I really needed to do a Microsoft Office bump and a spring housecleaning was definately in order. Windows 8 and…

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