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The DTMC is dead!

The Leadership Forum Lives!

Long Live the Management focus event before Autodesk University 2011!

We're doing it again and the newly named Leadership Forum will offer more access to Autodesk senior management and a wide range of higher level sessions from a wider range of the best of the best Autodesk University speakers.

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  AU, AU2011, Autodesk University, leadership, management

Every month I get requests to bring back CAD PILOT JUMP SCHOOL.

People Want Training That Works

It's true that Training the Works is a priceless commodity that is devalued like the US dollar by the constant grinding of the printing press. There's a reason that past Jumpers keep asking for More. Once you EXPERIENCE something closer to the real deal nothing else comes close. Ask…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  training, implementation, management, people, people skills

In the Jump Platform's InstantOn products, we intentionally try and keep the use of Expressions in the Styles as small as practically possible. This has to do with a practical Civil 3D Style Maintenance problem NOT the potential usefulness of Expressions in More complex Label Styles.

After all, most of our InstantOn…

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This summer our nation's politicians struggle to cope with the cost of government. This is a pretty common human problem. I have the problem. You have the problem. But Why is it so #%$#  HARD TO FIX IT?

The Costs are Real

The people working in the civil engineering and related marketplaces today have real needs. There are significant man-hour costs for organizations when…

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I wanted to follow up on the Subassembly Composer tip I tossed out on the SAC release day and More on the theme of the cumulative nature of AutoCAD Civil 3D knowledge. It is... 

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

In my SAC post I pointed out that employing the NAMES used in the default Civil 3D codeset file might be a good idea and save you a LOT of work.

Use the default CODE…

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