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One of the more interesting aspects of life is that the things we at first do not understand lead us directly to unexpected and new forms of often useful enlightenment. Sadly, this does not happen for everyone all the time. The current bemused ramblings of leftist political pundits comes to mind.
Changing our perspective takes real work. Understandably that’s something most of us often seem to…

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Every good tale requires a plot. From a neuroscience perspective for human beings this in built into the way our brains work. By this I mean, humans think (process), remember (store), and communicate (publish) what we believe, hope, sometimes know, and try to learn (or not) by tales. Story telling is fundamental to the mechanism of human thought.

In the working world of civil engineers and…

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MoreCompetency released an AddOn to Parcels and Alignments for Release 5 Jump Kit customers who run the AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and Civil 3D 2014 releases this week.

The AddOn brings up some classic AutoCAD Civil 3D quandaries that the capabilities of Style are so helpful to resolve for us all.

Don’t Be Eroded

We performed…

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I do promise to get back to Layer Standards mechanics and the NCS. CAD Standards can be befuddling mostly because they’re all about boring consistency and repetitive validation. Your brain goes numb. My mind goes numb. I’m not sure if that’s why I’m a numbskull, but this rant is more fun for the moment.

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We been discussing the Most Important Fact that How you use the Civil 3D interface in the manual manipulation of Parcel Segments matters. There is really a lot to keep track of and these skills obviously apply to more than just Parcels inside of AutoCAD Civil 3D. The key User interface use issues remain clear:

  • Cycle Your Focus
  • Selection Create and Edit Skills
  • What…
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