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It’s Production Solution upgrade time. I chatted with a customer about his Jump Kit upgrade last week. He was particularly concerned that we were still supplying our additional Imperial Assembly Tool Palettes for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Yep. Even I forget to mention some of the way cool stuff that’s in there.

Thank you for customers!

AASHTO Assemblies


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Almost everyone agrees that Corridors are one of Civil 3D’s design strengths. Autodesk continues to push the envelope in the 2013 release of AutoCAD Civil 3D. The Corridor Feature benefits significantly from the new ACAD DWG and tweaked display engine that’s under the hood in Civil 3D 2013.
Take a test Drive and see for yourself. It’s now possible to Drive off-road too. The Drive command…

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Over the weekend there were a lot of sacks in both college and pro football. 
These days there are also a growing number of of another type of SAC. Just so you know...


My friend Chris at civilreminders.com has released some new Subassembly Composer based subassemblies for standard CalTrans AC curbs, typical retaining walls, and More. Chris is the current professional Civil…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags DOT, structures, Assembly, Subassembly, subassembly composer

Maybe you already use the Subassembly Composer (SAC -was released earlier this summer) to build parametric everythings with Civil 3D corridors. Even if you don't, you may need More from your corridor models. I know I do. They want a pretty picture of that model. They want it NOW.

A Preview of Better Corridor Visualization 

Autodesk Labs has released the Corridor Solids

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags subassembly composer, Subassembly, solids

I wanted to follow up on the Subassembly Composer tip I tossed out on the SAC release day and More on the theme of the cumulative nature of AutoCAD Civil 3D knowledge. It is... 

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

In my SAC post I pointed out that employing the NAMES used in the default Civil 3D codeset file might be a good idea and save you a LOT of work.

Use the default CODE…

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