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I prefer Gin over Vodka and a good IPA over both. I’m decidedly not James Bond. My car certainly doesn’t cut it. I totally missed the Cash for Clunkers thing. A stated choice of a lethal weapon would probably would not be polticially correct. We’ll avoid that trigger to focus on more important Civil 3D 2020.2 Update matters.

There have been Civil 3D related Updates and enhancements related…

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People ask how come our Framework of Civil 3D products don’t use the classic NCS utility layers? Honestly, most civil engineering and survey organization customers tend to like our NCS compliant set of utility Keys and Layers better. Who knew?

People do tend to forget or overlook that the NCS is large building and building project centric. Simply put, the…

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Let’s face it when we think AutoCAD Civil 3D civil engineers and survey people don’t think art. Yet to get the software to produce what you want is a form of art and craftsmanship, don’ ja know.

I saw this documentary about one of the world’s best guitar builders the other day on one of those educational channels. The man’s technically a luthier. He mentors and trains other luthiers for…

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Posted by Tench Tilghman

Tags  color, utility, thematic style, infrastructure, Civil 3D, Style

People call me up and ask important things to them like,

“How many Pipe Label Styles does your product include?”

“Ah…Let’s see. Civil 3D Gravity Pipe systems are really well covered. I lost count. Then again, for example and as a matter of perspective, there are even 360 Pressure Pipe Labels Styles alone supplied in the Framework. They cover every type of…

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The Framework for AutoCAD Civil 3D employs a rule-based method to establish Layer Standards. We made significant improvements to that in our Release 6 upgrade last year. I’ve talked previously about our Layer Standards Spreadsheet…

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