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Everyone builds surfaces. AutoCAD Civil 3D now has some great tools to edit our breaklines which is one of the classic challenges for all who seek to be TIN wizards.

Are You a Tinman?

Today I’m a big fan of Survey Dbs and the Survey technology tools in Civil 3D. The Survey tools allow us to both visualize and manage the surface data gathered in almost any classic form much better than past methods. If you’re still editing 3D polylines, maybe it is time to rethink things. If you build surface you need to employ and know the modern Survey tools.

Before we go there it might be important to consider this…

The Way We Were

Do you build a Raw Surface?

What I mean by this is to immediately create a dirty surface from whatever raw data is handed to you. The RawData surface is a quality control device. This provides a baseline or a waypoint to evaluate and judge all of your Survey data edits and manipulations against. Of course, you want that surface to be a part of your project and a Data Reference in your preliminary SurfaceBuild drawing.

I have to ask, “Is a SurfaceBuild drawing an AutoCAD Civil 3D template? Or something else?
You tell me.

The following video includes many important things you might want to know about Civil 3D Figure Editing and the Edit Figure interface in all the reasonably current versions of Civil 3D. This video includes a bunch of How To’s and useful Tips and Tricks in an uncondensed form.

In the video also we employ Survey Queries - the details of which are covered in a previous post and video.

I think I can trust that you get it that externalizing and standardizing your Survey Queries can significantly reduce your survey and surface build QAQC time.
You can only do that in Civil 3D 2014+ and the new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015.

Our Production Solution products make these new ways and means much easier and faster to do in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
Our products are fully National CAD Standard (NCS) compliant right out of the box. That’s something you won’t find anywhere else we know of in the marketplace. We don’t stop there. We do more.

Try out Templates Only. Everyone can afford that. Maybe you’ll discover and learn and another thing or two.

A Higher Standard to Build On