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For reasons AutoCAD Civil 3D Beta and More, I've been playing around a lot with Offset Alignments and Widenings. Indeed I am somewhat torturing the poooor Autodesk Beta QA people with a some baffling array of "challenges". Good news. They are being responsive and that means 2012 will be better :)

Build Some Parcels with Offset Alignments

Wilder Widenings from Offset Alignments

So just for fun in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011...Above are some NASTY lots built from Offset aligments with some self-contained Widenings... My total time to construct this horizontal control example was about 15 minutes - Practice helps.

I kept the CL Alignment simple to make what's happening here clear. Obviously, doing a bunch of lots this way with alignments and their offsets and Widenings has some interesting potential.

One Offset alignment has a single Widening Group.
The other More complex one has 3 different Widening Groups that were tweaked into this configuration. 

Naah. The offset alignment created Parcel features won't multi-segment label. They have to be annotated the hard way - one segment at a time. Yuck!
A Landxml out to a LOT publish drawing does make the parcel annotation fast enough.

Labeled out

Did you think Offset Alignments could do that?
Maybe it's time to bone up some More.