12 Favs in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012

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As an official Autodesk Developer Partner it's important for us as a company and specifically for me personally to participate in Autodesk's Beta program for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012. That said...

The Jump Will Be Ready to Run in 

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012

Until this week I couldn't officially talk about the next BIG release publically. What I share here may also change as the Autodesk development team puts the final public release build together. My experiences here are based on the Beta 3 build. I spent a good amount of time all the Betas of this release of Civil 3D. I also attended the Autodesk's Civil 3D Blogger's day event on the web today and learned More than a thing or two. It's a process.

Autodesk will have its own all encompassing list of new features, fixes, and upgrade "You gotta have thats". I would check that out. I also know that my fellow Civil 3D bloggers will all chime in too. There's a lot to shout about too. Here's my initial ...

Top 12 Favs List for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012

These are expressed in no particular order and without preference other than by my highlighted remarks.

The list should be much bigger
but 12 seemed like just the right number
for reasons that now slip my mind.

From the Complex Corridors Geek in me:

1) Tangency contraint editing for Alignments - Freedom from our own past stupidity

2) Data Reference Offset (and More) Alignments - AWESOME and More Options

3) Display of Implied Curve PIs and their Extensions in multiple ways - See More Clearly

4) Fill in this missing Region in my Baseline - "infill" for Corridors - "Thanks. I needed that."

5) Section View Editor enhancements - Make Pain a Pleasure

From the Template Building and Civil 3D Style and Set Manager in me:

6) Purging unused Civil 3D Styles and Sets - This was like the #2 wishlist item

7) Import Style and Sets with or without Settings - A better Style Hammer

8) Find References to a Style - Everyone say, "Thank you." :)

9) Replace Style - replace THIS Style with THAT Style - Where you do this is important

From the Surfaces, Survey, and Survey Databases guru in me who never gets to the point:

10) Surface Display and Surface Analysis Style improvements - Save My Range, but Save me More Time

11) Independent Point Marker and Point Label Style Rotation - This still has to happen?

12) Boundary, Figure, and Alignment construction and editing - Makes More sense and isn't rocket science

Somebody asked me today,

 "Is 2012 worth it?"

As it stands, my strained, much beaten, and over whinned C3D 2012 Beta 3 is More better than 2011. Really? Really.

Somebody Please Release Me.

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