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The Jump Platform is a rapid Personalization environment for AutoCAD Civil 3D. Quick Personalization is perhaps a not so obvious process benefit of the Jump Platform's "project based development environment".

You can get a picture of why project based development is both an integral part of Civil 3D and why that is critically important to you by reading my recent Civil 3D Implementation article in the May issue of AUGI World.

Personalize First

ByDesign we do our best to make the Jump Platform get you what you need to make Civil 3D work in production as fast as possible with the least amount of up front hassle, money, and man-hour investment.

Simply put...

Our InstantOn Basic product will get you working on projects in Civil 3D in a day or less

If you want a Civil 3D solution that is Ready to Run, get InstantOn Basic. Anyone can afford a copy of InstantOn Basic even in the worst of times. 

Less Can Be More

Do not be fooled by InstantOn Basic's current special price of 5 seats for only $195. We could charge $1000/seat and we could easily prove IOB would be still be worth every penny. Our existing IOB customers all agree you will get More from IOB.

Do the numbers yourself. The ROI (Return On Investment) on IOB 4 Civil 3D is simply absurd. 
We want to keep it that way. 

In these difficult times, we believe that you being able to successfully employ your existing AutoCAD Civil 3D investment productively every day is the most important thing to both you and us. Time spent haggling over price and perceived value only increases the sales costs for everyone. It just Makes More Sense.

Limit Your Risk

We even make evaluating and performing the basic personalization steps to implement our introductory IOB product FREE. Sign up, login. and download the Free Jump here. Follow our publically documented evaluation process- found here.

You risk nothing except your time and energy to validate for yourself that our product really delivers More than anything you can purchase anywhere from anyone at any price.

Free to Move On with Instant On

You should be assured that your real project work begun in one release of AutoCAD Civil 3D will be easy to upgrade to a new release or product Update. We have delivered on that promise for 5 consecutive releases of Civil 3D and twice and many major product Updates. Previous versions of our product were even included on the AutoCAD Civil 3D disks. Our products are in use in every state in the US, most of Canada, and in numerous countries throughout the world.  

InstantOn Basic 4 AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011 ran instantly in Civil 3D 2012 on release day. Our total fix count from 2011 to 2012 was under 10 items out of thousands of Styles and Sets included in IOB.
We take quality assurance and consistency very seriously. They really matter to you where the rubber meets the road.

Instant Work With Others

You should also be able to get good work and Civil 3D feature data from any consultant without worrying about their own internal preferences. InstantOn Basic provides that mutual resource at an affordable price for all.

As a consultant who produces Civil 3D deliverables for others, the process should be easy and should not put at risk your own internal capital investment in Style development.InstantOn Basic delivers that resource too.

As a multiple office organization you must be able to perform work in many locations and "translate" and publish your work to  meet diverse jusridicational requirements. Larger organizations daily employ IOB to produce the necessary common ground to make that all happen in the real world. It just Makes More Sense.

A Higher Standard to Build On

You should have recognized standards built-in and readily available. Get IOB and you'll instantly be More than compliant with the National CAD Standard 4.0. Watch a video of what the means for civil engineers here. At the same time you'll also get built-in support for legacy AutoCAD Land Desktop resources and symbols. We even clean up those legacy LDT and NCS resources for you so they work better than ever in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

More Training Resources

Civil 3D training is a necessity. You should be able to train yourself and your staff to employ Civil 3D and to personalize and even customize it as needed. Get IOB and you get an entire working Civil 3D project that is designed and built to meet both demanding training and development needs. We always support multiple releases of Civil 3D.

We deliver Live training webinars and webcasts each and every week. We cover and wide range of practical topics and employ our development and training dataset to do it. Our training is always in synch with what you have access to right now.  You can follow along, watch recordings, review them, and learn to Make Civil 3D Work.

On this website we publish hundreds of hours of FREE training video recordings on all topics Civil 3D. All of them are powered by the Jump. On a regular basis, we deliver in-depth public Civil 3D training More than anyone else in the world.

Will They Do That?

You want in-depth training in Civil 3D? We do it everyday. We do it affordably. We do it everywhere.
We redefined the standard for model-based software training when we created Jump School and its groundbreaking courseware and delivery methods for Civil 3D.
We pioneered and redefined remote training and support when everyone else said,
           "Impossible. It will never work." 
Come on. We give you our basic training dataset up front. Will they do that? Will they train you in actually what your people will actually USE everyday? Can they do that?

You want fast personalization or even in-depth customization and CAD Standards development for Civil 3D.
We do it everyday. We do it affordably. We do it everywhere.
We do it for government agencies, large and mid-sized civil engineers, and even one man survey shops.
Come on. We give you the basis for all of that up front at a simply ridiculous price. Will they do that?

We document our products in-depth and in detail. We do it both inside Civil 3D and outside Civil 3D. We even publically publish our standards, naming conventions, and processes as open source documentation for download here. Do they do that?

If you have questions and concerns, we're always here and available to personally address them. People really do matter a lot More than software. Our phone number's right up there at the top of this page

The Jump Makes More Things Possible For More People