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I trust you've figured out that we don't have "technology problems", we have People Issues. This year at Autodesk University 2011 I'm doing more People Skills sessions than ever before. I'm both honored and excited about that.

AU Course Catalog will be available on Aug 16 

The AU 2011 Catalog

We even get to work on some of the implementation practical matters instead of just learning and chatting up fundamental People Skills. Way Cool.

I'm hard at work on retooling my commercial video laden and ever popular AU 2011 People Skills class and materials. How about new innovative ways to think and talk about our relationships based on the latest studies cognitive neuroscience? That sounds mind-numbing. You won't snore. I promise.

You'll find my People Skills lecture in the AU 2011 Business Owner track:

People Management: How We Make the Improbable Possible

Now you’re the manager. You have read all the best-selling management books and you have figured out it is all about structure, process, and people. Some manager things work and some methods that may appear to work do not. There is the challenge. How is the people problem the solution? We will focus on practical people skills because you need real-world results and common sense is not that common. An interactive management training seminar can be fun too. But please, don’t tell the boss. You don’t get a raise that way. Let’s make the improbable possible.

This year we're extending the People Skills lecture with a couple of Unconference sessions where we can down to the nitty and gritty People issues and discuss your real world solutions and challenges with your management level peers.

You can join me at these 2 Unconference sessions also found in the Autodesk University 2011 Business Owner Track

Applied People Skills Workshop: One to One

Once we understand the conceptual framework of the Seven intelligences and their respective Seven needs, we have to practice and do them in the real world. This is a challenge. This participatory Unconference session is centered around active practice in the one-on-one environment. We might call this an "interview skills" workshop but that would belittle the importance that the one-on-one human exchange actually plays in our lives. Active listening a skill that can be learned. The problem is that most of us spend most of our time barking for the attention that we need.

Teamwork building skill is pretty significant for all of us too. So...

Applied Management Skills Workshop: Get The "I" in My Team

The Framework of the Seven Intelligences is backed by hard fought and proven neuro-science. We have also "discovered" that the accelerator petal to organizational innovation—creativity—and more real world productivity, is the power of small groups. Simply put: If we can learn to practically apply the Framework in our teams on a daily basis, we are far more likely to increase the odds of our success. We can Do to Win. If you are a manager working in a technical field, the odds are you rose to your position based on your technical skill. You have had only the most basic training in this art form. Join the club. What we learn we earn in the School of Hard Knocks. How about we take off the gloves and together explore some more working possibilities?

Autodesk University 2011 sign up and registration starts at the end of August and/or first week of September depending on who you talk too. Stay tuned for More AU 2011 details.

The Leadership Forum an AU 2011 seats will only be available on a first come first served basis.

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