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Project Parsec

Are you completely Data Spaced out? 
Could getting to that spacey stuff that's stuck over there really make you day? 
Want to shave light years off your spatial data travel time?
Do you want a lightspeed way to convert dumb GIS data into intelligent Map 3D industry models for use in mapping, planning and/or management? Do it FDO+Model!

Try Project Parsec


This week Autodesk Labs released the Project Parsec technology preview.
Project Parsec allows AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 users to easily import and map GIS geometries and attributes to AutoCAD Map 3D standalone industry models from any FDO source.

Sources include SDF, SQLite, Esri SHP and geodatabase files, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle databases.

By integrating CAD and GIS data in an industry-specific Data Model
(for example, electric, water, wastewater, or gas), AutoCAD Map 3D 2012 users can: 
    More easily create intelligent preliminary designs using industry-specific 
        content and rules 
    Perform analysis (for example, network tracing and attribute-driven thematic mapping)
        to help plan for service disruptions 
    Help identify infrastructure that requires replacement or maintenance 
    Report on existing infrastructure assets for stakeholders or regulatory agencies

The preview will ONLY available until Dec 31, 2011.

Did You Learn from the Turkey? 

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