HNY or Help I Think I'm Falling!

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Happy New Year

Er well sort of...

Help I Think I'm Falling

Some things we all like put off too long. Some things we must put off. Some things we just want to put off.

I'm really not any different than anyone else in these matters I suppose.
I'd like the world to slow down to my pace so I don't have to rebuild my world and completely relearn how I work.

But the time has come.

The next Civil 3D is officially on the way and the Jump Platform must be ready at product ship. 

5000+ Styles and Sets to improve upon, new ones to develop and more remoreless QA to perform too. 

The time has also come for a major website rebuild. Forgive me if my posts drop off for a bit for the next little while.

Here's my list of things I have to learn and/or relearn this month aside from the Civil 3D must dos.

CSS, Deployment to Azure, more than a smattering of C#, Windows Server 2008 R2 and IIS 7.5, SQL Server 2008, a new and vastly changed interface and a smattering of the completely new object model for Sitefinity CMS (Content Management Software) upon which is built.

Oh goody!