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Once in a while I read a post somewhere else that makes me nervous for the folks that read it.
The Being Civil blog is pretty good about not handing out bogus and/or partially incorrect information. No one is perfect. I've done it myself a few times with all the best intentions.

A Real World Blue Meanie

This week a post went up about moving around Description Key Sets in AutoCivil 3D 2012. The post references a short YouTube video from early in Feb. The Cadpilot's YouTube channel.

Here's the issue at hand: 
You have a DescKey Set in drawing (or template) A and you want to use it in another drawing B.

The problem is the Civil 3D Style drag and drop process doesn't seem to work all the time for Description Key Sets. This is true.
As you can see...It makes me blue too.

Description Key Set Imports in 2011-2012

The fact is that in Civil 3D 2011 and 2012 you CAN drag and drop the DescKeys around easily enough. I do this a LOT.
You can find multiple posts here about Description Key Sets - just use search box.

Unfortunately, if there are NO DescKeySets in drawing B (the target) the Key Set won't actually function after you drag and drop it in. Ouch! 
Bad News bubba!
This annoying bug has been on my bitch list for multiple releases since a service pack (update) in 2010 first created it.
It hasn't been fixed yet.

What's the work around?

Try Try Again

Sometimes persistence pays.
The trick is to go ahead and drag and drop a DescKeySet anyway. 
Delete the added DescKey Set.
Then drag and drop it in again. Really? Yep!
Older 2010 and earlier release DescKey Sets may still have issues.
The Description Key Set Priority can get messed up and become fixed (or rather broken and immovable) in your drawing. Arrrgh!
Sometimes it is required you go through the whole nasty process briefly outlined in the post.

Seems AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 and 2012 have a drag and drop issue only when there have been NO DescKeySets in the drawing before.
I believe this has really has to do with the associated Point Styles Civil 3D that it has to build on the first drop, but that's only an educated guess :)

Some More Cautions

The INSERT EXPLODE method employed in the post and the video works.
BUT think CAREFULLY about WHAT you are doing BEFORE employing it.

Civil 3D is called AutoCAD Civiil 3D for a good reason.
 It employs named ACAD Styles (things like blocks, Layers, etc.).
We all know these beasties cannot be overwritten during the INSERT process by definition.
SO if you do NOT want EXACTLY all those bits and pieces that are in drawing A in drawing B you have to remember that and perform the processes accordingly.
The post and videos do point out the need to ERASE and PURGE drawing A. What about B? 
Take these steps in the process seriously if you want good results.

The second issue is that INSERT with EXPLODE checked will also dump in ALL of the Civil 3D Styles in drawing A into drawing B as well.
Do you really want all the other old Styles that are in drawing A as well?
 Probably NOT.
Maybe your Point Styles have matured since you used drawing A last. 

Civil 3D Styles and templates should get better. Ours do.

I think you'll probably want to use the Civil 3D 2012 Style Purge tool a number times too.
The Purge Civil 3D styles tool is on the Manage tab of the Ribbon. 
Once again, you'll probably want to think a bit BEFORE punching the Style Purge button multiple times.

The Good News is Maybe You Don't Need to Do It